Hola de Sevilla

October 4, 2006 at 8:31 pm (Open)

Times of refreshment and transformation are slowing becoming the futures present as Jesus brings me through my own personal relizations of the need for change. As I look into the eyes of perfection I can only see my faults; which are everpresent before me and the need of reliqiushment is a hand. Placing all of my insuffiecientcies into the hands that can revive a broken spirit with just one spoken word; “Oh” how I long to hear that one spoken word from Him. I have realized that I have misplaced my true identity for one that has a weeker calling. A calling to selfishness, frustration and a continual comparision of who I am with others has been present in my life. I have tried to find my sufficientcy in who I am instead of who Jesus says that I am and that is one of the greatest mistakes one can make in life. This relization is a gift from God who desires and demands our freedom and who was willing to pay the ultimate sacrafice “Jesus” for it. This identity must flow from a life that is completely devoted to a developing this gift; a “Relationship with God” in order for one to realize this true identy; which can only be found when one lets go of himself and places his life into the Hands of an All Perfect Father who has a perfect plan.
Last sunday(Dec 3) I went to a church with my best spainsh friend Miquel and by God’s perfect timeing there was a guest speaker who happened to speak english; which was exactly what I needed(since for the past three months every message that I have heard was in spanish). He spoke on how the Holy Spirit is not just for the ministry part of my life but for every little intamite part of my life. He(HS) wants to help me and by that He desires to develop a relationship with me and guide me trhough every detail in my life. I also had the opportunity to meet an american missionary at that service who took his time to listen to some of my struggles and he expalined to me a forgotten truth “you need to know who you are in Christ” and that is where this restoration takes place. This week Johnie Moore(Campus Pastor of Liberty University) & Dr. Don Fanning(Missions director of Liberty University) have come to visit us and to see how we are doing(this is the first year of the missions internship) and to “I belive” to give us encouragement “people are praying for you guys” and direction
God has brought so many differnet people into my life who He has used as instruments for encouragemant and guidance while in Spain. You see, without ever leaveing the States I would never have known God’s provisional help on a worldwide basis. He is moving all over the world and has plans for everyone who has accepted Him and those to come.
I belive that leaving your own country and being thrusted into another culture where everyone speaks a different language, thinks differently than you and has different beliefes about who God really is; is one of the most difficult avenuse that one can take in life but I know that the rewards will far out weigh the difficulties. Without looking into the perfect mirror of Christ I would remain in my comfortably place of selfishness and complacancy. I am thankful for all the impurities that have come to the surface through this experience in Sevilla, becasue I know that God is gently disiplining me for the one distinct purpose of making me more like His Son; God focused and others oriented.


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