I don’t have to be aggravated….

December 23, 2006 at 8:59 pm (Open)

So, at the moment I am trying to prepare a small documentary about the first half of the year here in Sevilla. Well let me tell you.. I think my computer has been smoking crack because it will not do anything that I want it to. Sometimes it will save my data and other times it will act like it is saving for about an hour and kinda freeze up( atleast once) and I just do not have the patience for that kinda stuff…I have felt like throwing my computer out on the street at times and anyone who knows me will tell you that I treat this thing like my baby… Why am I saying all this…not sure exactly, maybe Im just venting to those few souls who read my blog. I will tell you what I did do though. I went to Jesus and asked for peace and forgiveness for allowing this situation get me so aggravated. No matter what happens with this project, Jesus is still King and that FACT should be all that keeps me stable in any situation. I need to rest in this FACT that He is faithful and His Word is true and that I can learn how to rest in Him even when Im frustrated. I just saw something in this situation…How many times do we not do what Jesus is asking us to do(like the computer)? He keeps on telling us in his word to love, forgive, to pray, to study His word and to seek His face but we just end up getting carried away by our own desires or do those things just half hearted… looking like were crazy to Him… I know that He understands that were humans but just think about it…This is God, who is telling me something, not just some guy on the street…its God… All Mighty, all Powerful, all Loving, GOD….This needs to be my realization about everything…. That I need to honor God at all times…The scriptures speak of a God who is loving but desires that His people live a certain way in this world so that the world can see Him in us…Please Lord help me to live only for you…Thats my prayer at the moment and I would ask that you would pray that for me.. Thanks for letting me vent…


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New Member to the Family

December 20, 2006 at 7:08 pm (Open)

Well, this is to all you who are part of the Boby of Jesus… We just got a little bit bigger..Well, actually a lot bigger because my Brother is kinda huge. You see, last sunday Robert went to church with his wife and was convicted by the Holy Spirit which lead him to make a decision to accept Christ into his life. Thats what its all about… When someone becomes alive in Jesus and has recieved all that comes with being God’s child, it puts into perpective what life is really all about. My brother has a tough road ahead of him so please pray that God will protect him from the lies of Satan and that He would ensure him that his salvation is real. That he would have a hunger to grow in the knowledge of God’s word and that he would learn how to be a Holy Spirit filled person and not an indoctrinated filled person… There were so many times that I had told my brother about Jesus and he never really wanted to hear about Him and when I am 4500 miles away God shows me that He is always working on the hearts of those who need Him…Its was just unbelievable to here those word “I got saved” from my brother lips …Now my Dad…. Please pray that my Dad will surrender to Jesus….I sent him a long email just unloading the truth about Jesus and challenged him to read the book of John with me and we could talk about it together over the web; so I hope he replies soon..its been a couple of days..the funny thing was that I did not even have a hint of the idea in my mind about sharing Jesus with him(we have had many talks about Jesus) and for some reason it just happened… So my father is the next on the list so please pray for that as well….Thank you for reading and praying..

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December 14, 2006 at 1:21 pm (Open)

Hola..Here are some thoughts that I had this week. First of all, my priorities need to change in order for me to be the most effective at learning spanish and experiencing the culture(Spain). I need to be more disicplined in my study habits(both scripture and spanish) and working out. The second thought was a picture of how Jesus wants to kill my pride or in other words me(Jesus said that in order the follow Him I need to take up my cross and deny myself). Its allowing defeat to enter mylife. At times its very easy for me to feel that my ideas our getting pushed aside by others or that my way of doing something is not right(even though my ideas may be as valid as others) but for me to feel disrespected or in better terms disregarded( Maybe Im just sensitive..who knows)… By embracing this defeat and making it a point too not prove that I am right(even though I may be or not) will eventually become my victory as I “allow” my pride to be put to death. Do this makes sense? If not sorry.. The third thing that I believe God is trying to tell me, is how I go about treating others… For example, do I cut other people off when they are talking or do I ignor someone when they are speaking or in the many other ways that I can be insensitive to others. So this was the thought… Would I treat Jesus this way? Would I not give complete attention to Jesus if He were talking to me or would I cut Him off if He were talking to someone else. Think about this.. and this may sound wierd, but in how I respond to women… Would I be a big flirt with Jesus?(We are supposed to treat others as He did and does)( I have my moments where I can be a big flirt with the ladies) I understand that as a man thats my tendency but I think that I can go a little over board at times. “I need to save all that flirtation for my wife so she can enjoy all my affection instead of giving it away like happy meal toys”. Why am I saying all this…This is my life, this is what I am going through, and these are the areas where Jesus wants me to work on so that I can become sanctified and set apart for His Kingdom(sacntification is a process and as His child my position never changes but there are levels of commitment to God and that commitment can determine How He will use me)… Derek Webb one of my favorite song writers xplained that one of the best things that could happen to Christians is if we “just exposed our sin” and “put it out on the five o clock news” instead of hiding it and trying to be perceieved as little perfect people. The scritures say, that we should confess our sins one to another so that we may be healed; So! this is my little confession of how I fail(not studying,prideful,not thinking how I really treat people at times)and some of the areas of my life that are lacking effort and discipline. So I hope that we all examine our lives and ask God to show us our faults or areas of improvement so we can call them what they are “sin”,”mistakes”,”disobeince”, “not doing the best thing” whatever you want to called just call it out and “CHANGE”.. Thats whats going on in my life a “CHANGE” or a “CHALLENGE” from God to “Give” it all up for Him.Will I succed “not on my own”. I need to be empty so only HE can fill me…I am happy in Life, Jesus is amazing everyday and treats me as a son and as a good Father He is loving in His discpline. My time here in Spain has been and still is one of the most exciting times of my life, thus far and I know that Jesus has many more great things for my life but because He loves me He doesnt want to leave me with all of these ruff edges and desires to shine me up like a flawless peice of silver where He can only see His reflection and that is where I know that I will be the happiest. Jesus Loves you and Died for you. He lived(FACT),died(FACT),Resurrected(FACT). ALL THIS FOR YOU.

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