New Member to the Family

December 20, 2006 at 7:08 pm (Open)

Well, this is to all you who are part of the Boby of Jesus… We just got a little bit bigger..Well, actually a lot bigger because my Brother is kinda huge. You see, last sunday Robert went to church with his wife and was convicted by the Holy Spirit which lead him to make a decision to accept Christ into his life. Thats what its all about… When someone becomes alive in Jesus and has recieved all that comes with being God’s child, it puts into perpective what life is really all about. My brother has a tough road ahead of him so please pray that God will protect him from the lies of Satan and that He would ensure him that his salvation is real. That he would have a hunger to grow in the knowledge of God’s word and that he would learn how to be a Holy Spirit filled person and not an indoctrinated filled person… There were so many times that I had told my brother about Jesus and he never really wanted to hear about Him and when I am 4500 miles away God shows me that He is always working on the hearts of those who need Him…Its was just unbelievable to here those word “I got saved” from my brother lips …Now my Dad…. Please pray that my Dad will surrender to Jesus….I sent him a long email just unloading the truth about Jesus and challenged him to read the book of John with me and we could talk about it together over the web; so I hope he replies soon..its been a couple of days..the funny thing was that I did not even have a hint of the idea in my mind about sharing Jesus with him(we have had many talks about Jesus) and for some reason it just happened… So my father is the next on the list so please pray for that as well….Thank you for reading and praying..


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