I don’t have to be aggravated….

December 23, 2006 at 8:59 pm (Open)

So, at the moment I am trying to prepare a small documentary about the first half of the year here in Sevilla. Well let me tell you.. I think my computer has been smoking crack because it will not do anything that I want it to. Sometimes it will save my data and other times it will act like it is saving for about an hour and kinda freeze up( atleast once) and I just do not have the patience for that kinda stuff…I have felt like throwing my computer out on the street at times and anyone who knows me will tell you that I treat this thing like my baby… Why am I saying all this…not sure exactly, maybe Im just venting to those few souls who read my blog. I will tell you what I did do though. I went to Jesus and asked for peace and forgiveness for allowing this situation get me so aggravated. No matter what happens with this project, Jesus is still King and that FACT should be all that keeps me stable in any situation. I need to rest in this FACT that He is faithful and His Word is true and that I can learn how to rest in Him even when Im frustrated. I just saw something in this situation…How many times do we not do what Jesus is asking us to do(like the computer)? He keeps on telling us in his word to love, forgive, to pray, to study His word and to seek His face but we just end up getting carried away by our own desires or do those things just half hearted… looking like were crazy to Him… I know that He understands that were humans but just think about it…This is God, who is telling me something, not just some guy on the street…its God… All Mighty, all Powerful, all Loving, GOD….This needs to be my realization about everything…. That I need to honor God at all times…The scriptures speak of a God who is loving but desires that His people live a certain way in this world so that the world can see Him in us…Please Lord help me to live only for you…Thats my prayer at the moment and I would ask that you would pray that for me.. Thanks for letting me vent…


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  1. pastor dave said,

    Hi Michael –
    Hope the computer is doing better. They can be frustrating & revealing of our heart, can’t they? What great news about your brother, Robert! How is he doing in his new faith? Is his wife with him on this journey? We will add your dad to the church prayer list. What’s his name?
    How’s the discipline with the Spanish language, Bible reading, & working out? I’m still working out at ACAC 2-3 times a week. It’s very “re-creating” for me. Amazing how God created the body to move & exercise for its own well-being. I was reading in Psalm 104 today & reminded of the majesty of our Creator God. So often, we don’t enjoy the works of His hands that He has given us to draw us to Himself.
    How are the team goals coming along? Bible studies, local church involvement, campus contacts?
    Praying for you,
    Pastor Dave

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