September 1, 2007 at 4:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Most of the time in life I am moving at such a rapid pace in my innerman that its easy for me to get off track supper quick, especially when I get frustrated or in todays instance forgetting a bunch of little things that just got me hot and aggrivated. For example I was trying to do luandry, I went to the bank to get a roll of quaters and then I had to go back to the apartment to get the key” that I forgot” to be able to enter the laundry facility but when I went In I took the quarters with me and put them on my bed, grabbed some other clothes and jetted. A) I forgot the key, so I had to turn back around “once in my car” and come back to grab it. Grabbed the key and went to the laundry room and once there, I realized that I left the quaters in the house, errrrrr.. I go back to get them…being pretty frastrated with myself….you see I always forget stuff and I just get tired of doing it, so it gets me pretty aggrivated when I am being absent minded…”I once wrote a line and I goes somthing like this…”Im so absent minded that when I look for my mind I cant find it…”That how my brain works… So on the way back to the laudry facility I looked to my left at the trees and “bamn” I saw a deer and just stopped in my tracks and looked at how cool and beautiful this creature was and I realized how stupid my attitude was in the sight of the ever present reminder of my God by another one of His amazing creations. Normally, the deer is the one that freezes up when they see someone but in this case it was me and I thank God for this subtle yet profound reminder of His majesty. He used this animal that most people love to kill to calm the innerman in me instantly, when are confronted with who God truly is, we let go of who/what we are and see that He is all that matters. I figured that since I needed to blog for class this would be something that I could share.. Have a great time as you/I are constanly forgetting but continually being reminded of who”His nature” and how truly intamite our God is with His creature’s.


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