4th post

September 4, 2007 at 3:39 am (Uncategorized)

I actually do not have anything to share but for the sake of my Comms 464 class I needed to have a 4th post on my blog, so here it is, nothing exciting just a post. Whoever may read this have great day. O! by the way does anybody think that $300 is a little to much to pay for parking on campus? For the past two weeks I have been parking infront of caspians tatoo until I was nicley asked to not too… $300 dollars is rent for the month or a plane ticket out of the country, so If I have too I will park in the walmart parking lot but for now I’ll try davids place until I get a ticket. 20 bucks is cheaper than $300


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3rd week

September 4, 2007 at 3:34 am (Uncategorized)

Well, this is the third week of classes, the third week of living within the midst of the typhon most college kids call their “senior year”. I have questioned my descision to change my major to spanish from CCST many times these past two weeks, spanish is incredibly difficult for me and the change has deffinitley put me in a world of hurt. Late nights, zombie like days and many moments of defeat but Im committed, well at least for this semester. If I dont pass my core classes I’ll probly just go back to CCST so I can graduate and pursue a masters in Comms. elsewhere. Im tryn to give it all I have but the intense nature of this semester has definitly affected who I am.

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movtivation error…

September 2, 2007 at 9:07 pm (Uncategorized)

I just cannot seem to compile up the focus/energy/concentration to study today…What to do? Its like the past two weeks of school drained me for the whole semester or something…

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September 1, 2007 at 4:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Most of the time in life I am moving at such a rapid pace in my innerman that its easy for me to get off track supper quick, especially when I get frustrated or in todays instance forgetting a bunch of little things that just got me hot and aggrivated. For example I was trying to do luandry, I went to the bank to get a roll of quaters and then I had to go back to the apartment to get the key” that I forgot” to be able to enter the laundry facility but when I went In I took the quarters with me and put them on my bed, grabbed some other clothes and jetted. A) I forgot the key, so I had to turn back around “once in my car” and come back to grab it. Grabbed the key and went to the laundry room and once there, I realized that I left the quaters in the house, errrrrr.. I go back to get them…being pretty frastrated with myself….you see I always forget stuff and I just get tired of doing it, so it gets me pretty aggrivated when I am being absent minded…”I once wrote a line and I goes somthing like this…”Im so absent minded that when I look for my mind I cant find it…”That how my brain works… So on the way back to the laudry facility I looked to my left at the trees and “bamn” I saw a deer and just stopped in my tracks and looked at how cool and beautiful this creature was and I realized how stupid my attitude was in the sight of the ever present reminder of my God by another one of His amazing creations. Normally, the deer is the one that freezes up when they see someone but in this case it was me and I thank God for this subtle yet profound reminder of His majesty. He used this animal that most people love to kill to calm the innerman in me instantly, when are confronted with who God truly is, we let go of who/what we are and see that He is all that matters. I figured that since I needed to blog for class this would be something that I could share.. Have a great time as you/I are constanly forgetting but continually being reminded of who”His nature” and how truly intamite our God is with His creature’s.

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Times up

May 2, 2007 at 11:59 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, I have one week left before I journey back to the US and I must say that it will be a sad but joyfull trip. Sad, because this time will never happen again with these same people serving in this way, joyfull because what this internship was designed to do has been accomplished, to give one a taste of what full time missions is like on a day to day basis, also this end only means that new frontier lies ahead. You learn alot about yourself, your strenghts and weaknesses when put to the challenge of serving in a foriegn counrty for a full school year. The defeat of lanuage learning, the excitment of your first local friend, watching God grab a hold of someone’s life and opening their eye’s to His truth in Christ; these are just some of the events that we as a team and as individuals have been able to experience while here in Spain. Learning to working as a team and being able to work out issues in a godly manner. Every ministry will have bumps in the road but what makes a team strong is whether or not they can stay on course together and not fall off the path. This has been a year of excitement, struggles, defeats, victories and challenges. I think the majority of this years change on my heart will take place on the relfection that awaits me as I travel back to the States. This time here may seem like a dream to me and I think that I will learn more about my experience here during my reflection time. What could I have done differently or how could I have been more consistent/productive with my time. What were some of the positive things that I learned or will be able to take from this experience. These are a few of the things that will cross my mind on the 24 hr trip back to VA. This adventure in Seville will help me become more prepared for my next adventure where ever God may lead me. This experience has been life changing and I recomend to anyone who wants to be challened in his walk to take this opportunity and run with it.

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Settling In…

January 12, 2007 at 5:59 pm (Uncategorized)

Hey world, this is Mike and I just wanted to share with you a few things that have been going on for me here in Sevilla. Well,l I just moved into a new place this month with a freind(and his family)and it has been a really great for me, in a couple of ways. One, its good to have a little space to yourself so you can just process life and enjoy a little tranquility because there’s not much of that floating around these days, especially when you live in the city. Also living here has been great for me to have a quiet place to study, I have been having trouble diving into the spanish books in the past but living here has allowed me to have the space and the lonliness that I need in order for me to study effectively (Normally, I talk outloud when I study so it helps to be alone or people will think I’m crazy; which they probably already do). I finally feel that I have settled into my life here in Spain, I’m starting to form my life in more of a schedule; which is always helpful especially when you need to be focused on language study. For so long I have been unsettled, unfocused and unfruitful but I beleive that God has given me a fresh start by allowing me to get settled in and to feel more at home here in Spain. Just this past week by studying about two hours a day, listening to spanish music and wathcing spanish movies I have seen my language improve tremedously(not quite there yet but on the way). This growth spert that I have experienced has been catacalistic by flaming my desire to learn more, especially; since I know that God has been putting people in my path that are willing to talk about Him but since I am unable to communicate with them on such a level it blows. They need Jesus and I like to talk about Jesus but there’s only one problem, I cannot express such truth to them without knowing more spanish but as God continues to build these relationships the time will come when I can share His truth to them in Love, and in their own language. Forgive me for all spelling and grammatical errors:). Have a great New Year.

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